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Ladders & Stairs

Flip-Up Ladder

      We manufacture all our ladders in-house. Our flip-up ladder design keeps your ladder clean and clear. All ladders are built with 60-61 marine grade aluminum and western red cedar to match you dock perfectly. Our ladders angle out into the water making it easy to climb out, these ladders are also pet friendly so your pooch can enjoy as well!!

Aluminum Stairs

      Our in-house stairs are not only elegant in design but build to last and easy to install with adjustable legs. What a great addition to you dock making entering and exiting the water a dream. Turn your lake into the biggest pool you have swam in with a set of aluminum stairs topped with premium western red cedar!

161 Ferris Drive, Unit 11 North Bay, On P1A 4K2 

D O C K S B Y D E S I G N . C A


Dock Accessories

Deluxe Model Kayak Rack

      Our Deluxe Model Kayak Rack is one of our many new exciting products we recently brought to the market! With up to 5 stations available to custom fit all those water toys on your shoreline. The deluxe model also comes equip with 6 rollers on the lower station that we adjust onsite for a snug fit. With the Deluxe Model the option of the cedar deck on the back is also available. Just perfect for keeping the shoreline tidy.

Standard Kayak Rack

      Our standard Kayak Racks are installed to custom fit all you shoreline toys. With three stations available it is a great addition to the shoreline. The racks themselves are fabricated with high grade aluminum including an adjustable bolt allowing the rack arms to adjust to your desired height!


10ft Railing - $250         15ft Railing -  $375     

                20ft Railing - $499           

Dock Mounted Kayak Rack

      Dock Mounted Kayak Rack's are a great addition to your dock. Keeping your shoreline free and clear of water toys these racks are most commonly mounted to the ramp themselves. Allow yourself easy access to your canoes and kayak racks and order a Dock Mounted Kayak Rack Today!!

Kayak Racks


3 Step - $699             4 Step - $749                         5 Step - $799              6 Step - $849

3 Step - $449         4 Step - $499        5 Step - $549


Fosters Docks

Dock Railings

      Dock railings really ad a beautiful look to any dock. Not only does it help with walking down steep ramps it is made with western red cedar for a perfect match. If faced with a steep shoreline railings help keep it safe while maintaining the appeal factor!!