At Docks By Design, our docks are manufactured locally right here in North Bay, On. All our products are fabricated using only products from right here in Canada which includes high grade 60-61 aluminum throughout topped with Canadian Western Red Cedar. We pride ourselves not only on the quality manufacturing of these ALL Canadian systems but the durability, strength and design that make these systems truly breath taking!

        We are North Bay's Dock Company!!

Our Docks

The Quick Dock was created by the son of a local dock manufacturer. Working in the dock industry for several years a void in the market was noticed. That void was a compete dock system that included all accessories with no extra's or hidden fees. This had to be a fully welded frame hand crafted with high quality material that could stand the test of time. The Quick Dock was designed to offer a dock that could be easily installed in any configuration allowing for quick easy installation combined with extreme strength & durability. 

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           Tower Docks

    Tower Docks are by far the easiest to install and remove. Designed to work like a drawbridge, they slip effortlessly into the water each spring, and stay safely above the ice in the winter.

  • Best in water depths up to 6’.
  • ​The lakebed should be reasonably firm. For mucky lake beds concrete pads can be put down for support.
  • ​Not suitable for areas where the ice piles up onto the shore in the winter. Although the dock is hoisted for the winter the base may be subjected to ice damage.
  • ​Cannot be adjusted to water level changes
  • ​Configurations must be symmetrical to allow for safe lifting
  • Systems available up to 50’ long​
  • ​Shoreline should be solid bed rock, poured concrete or existing shore deck. As well, there must be a concrete or suitable winch anchoring point a minimum of 13ft feet back from the lift tower, on an elevation of no more 11ft.
  • ​Docks are suitable for high wave action.
  • ​​Life expectancy of frame is 30+ years.

        Floating Docks

     Floating Docks are great in deep, or fluctuating water conditions. Floating docks feature our premium TecStar floats which allow the dock to be left in the ice for the winter under normal conditions which means set up and winterizing are quick and easy.

  • Suitable in greater than 1’ water depths
  • Ideal for lakes with large water level fluctuations.
  • ​Shoreline ideally should be solid bed rock or a poured concrete shoreline base. They also can be fixed to an existing dock or shore deck.
  • ​Not suitable for high wave action for it may prematurely wear the dock. Boat traffic and waves will affect its stability.
  • ​​Life expectancy of frame is 30+ years.

              Pole Docks

     Pole Docks are the least expensive docking solution. Manufactured from high grade aluminum this light-weight design and easy assembly will reduce your install and removal  requirements. Design your pole dock today!

  • Suitable for water depths up to 6ft. In general you want the width of the  dock to be greater than the depth of the water to ensure stability
  • ​Dock is extremely stable.
  • ​Lake bed should be reasonably firm. For mucky lake beds concrete pads can be put down for support.
  • ​Does not need to be attached to shoreline
  • ​​Life expectancy of frame is 30+ years.



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